SINGLE REVIEW: W.F. Severs – ‘Everyone Wants To Know Me’


Earlier this year I reviewed W.F. Severs’ EP ‘Tales of Mario’ and was really impressed. So news that he’d released a new single was good news indeed. It wasn’t quite what I expected – ‘Everyone Wants To Know Me’ isn’t the Americana influenced sound of the EP’s songs but something different.

It’s difficult to describe – it has something of singer/songwriter vibe going on but it’s loose and lo-fi. It’s sweet and utterly adorable, which is kind of a strange way to describe a song but there it is. It has something of the same vibe of the songs on The Lungs ‘Julianna Buttermaker’ EP. It’s just lovely. It makes me feel all warm inside.

The song itself tells a story – it’s the story of somebody going to a party but ends up in tears outside. It’s quite sad really, but I think it’s something that’s happened to us all at one time or another, it’s certainly happened to me. But it’s told simply, it’s a straight story type song, and the words are great. Although for some strange reason it makes me feel quite happy in a sad way or sad in a happy way, strange what music does to you sometimes.

I adore this song. It’s a precious gem of a song.

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