ALBUM & SINGLE NEWS: Magick Mountain’s debut album ‘Weird Feelings’ self-released October 23rd, drop single ‘Infinity X2’


Magick Mountain are Lins Wilson from Grammatics and Mother Vulpine, Tom Hudson of Pulled Apart By Horses, and Nestor Matthews of Sky Larkin and Menace Beach.

Magick Mountain recorded the album over the course of 18 months at home, in rehearsals, and during limited hours at recording studios with producers Margo Broom and James Kenosha.

‘Weird Feelings’ tracklist:

1. Bart Cobain
2. Zodiac
3. Cherokee
4. Brown Bread
5. Stranger Danger
6. Colossus
7. Dream Chaser
8. Infinity X2
9. King Cobra
10. The Shitty Beatles
11. The Creeper

‘Infinity X2’ comes with a video, a collaboration between the band and Josh Brownrigg. The band say “It was self-filmed in our practice space, which involved metres of gaffa-hung green fabric, make-shift tripods, a last minute lighting ‘rig’ and a state of the art spinning cam courtesy of a 1980s’ record player and phone holder.

“After Magick Mountain bassist/artman Tom Hudson edited the footage, we handed over the reins to Josh to work his glitchy visual sorcery, using analogue video synthesisers to experiment with tripped-out trails and create the mega fuzzed-up aesthetic. With its blues, deep purples, corals and pinks complimenting Tom’s cover artwork for the single, the video becomes part of the overall visual and sonic onslaught brought to you by Magick Mountain.”


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