SINGLE REVIEW: The Attic Movement – ‘Leave The Car (Voix Remix)’


If you’ve read my review of The Attic Movement’s debut single – ‘Leave The Car’ – you’ll know that this song is guaranteed to leave me in a sobbing heap on the sofa or floor (and if you didn’t know that you’d better read that review). Given that, even though it leaves me sobbing, I love the original it was with some trepidation that I approached this remix.

A remix, I think anyway, should bring something new to a song both musically and emotionally. This remix does that.

Musically it turns it into a big banging synth-ish pop song, a dance track, a song that makes it impossible not to dance to. It’s taken the vocals and done something almost magical – voices twist and turn, intertwine in layers. There are more of LIO’s vocals, and that is a good thing. There are soaring sections, there are poppy boppy sections, it just never stops.

But what’s more interesting to me is that somehow in doing this to the track, it’s become something else emotionally. There is more emphasis on the lyrics ‘it gets easier in time’, and that along with the soaring synth-ish dance beat turns it into a song of hope, there is a chance you can be healed, you can leave the heartbreak behind and soar.

And that for me doesn’t make a remix but a new song. I love this, and I love the original. They not only provoke different emotions but tell different stories. And that is something I’ve never heard a remix do.

And look, even if you don’t get that, this is one banging dance track. It compels you to throw wild shapes around the room. Turn it up loud, prepare to get up and get down, go wild.

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