EP REVIEW: Ceiling Demons – ‘Belly of The Hopeless’

'Wrenched with relish, seasoned with defiance, and thrust without apology into your hand'


Offering up an equally charged smorgasbord of grizzly phat beats, breakbeats, weirded out samples and chilling vocals, as found within the recent single release, ‘Stones’. ‘Belly of The Hopeless’, the EP from Ceiling Demons, also featuring the aforementioned ‘Stones’, welds together a discomforting melee of meticulously constructed, technically astute, well engineered tracks. The aim here is to leave the listener with an audio experience they’ll never forget. This is achieved effortlessly via the particular standouts; ‘Missed The Train’ and ‘Sundays’, two filthy tunes chockful of swagger and brimming with the sort of menace only to be found lurking within the sinister shadows of the darkest of nights. Simply put, ‘Belly of The Hopeless’, a daring and hard-hitting EP, has been wrenched with relish from the belly of the beast… Wrenched with relish, seasoned with defiance, and thrust without apology into your hand. I like it, and so will you.

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