Puzzfest (Round 2) 22nd to 24th May


The line-up for Round 2 of Puzzfest has been announced (see our post on Round 1)

Friday 22nd May

Free Sandwiches

Saturday 23rd May

Outside Stage:

9pm: The Franceens – The Franceens are a 3 piece rock and roll band from York UK. They have been described by many as being a ‘real band’. They are known for their ferocious live shows, constant gigging, and their high-energy version of garage/rock and roll style music. They officially started in February 2013 and have been going strong ever since.

8pm: Raw Bones

7pm: Brasshaus

6pm: The Crash Mats – Punk with lashings of ska and Rock n Roll madness. 3 idiots from Oldham est 2008
Website: https://soundcloud.com/thecrashmats

5pm: The Treated

Sunday 24th May:

Inside Stage:

10pm – Late: Abel Raise The Cain – When the bubble or romantic suspense pops, a chorus, a wall of sound, a full culmination of six instruments really grabs the ears; A chanted motif, “I’m just too late”, has rung around in my head since coming across Abel Raise The Cain. This is a ‘big room’ song.

Outside Stage

9pm: NARCS – “Every track is lyrically concise and punchy in nature, the way gritty indie rock should be. NARCS leave no room for vanity, and confidently keeps to the point. It is the nouvelle cuisine of song writing, deceptive in its apparent simplicity, but can leave the listener wanting more.”
Drunken Werewolf

8pm: This Is Masses  – This Is Masses – Gritty pop gems combining the musicality and songwriting finesse of great English guitar bands. grunge dynamics, and the atmospherics of contemporary electronica, brought together as melodic wall of noise. A unique tonality bringing a freshness to british guitar music that has been lacking for decades. A genre re-envisioned to be an escape from the rut of uninspired chart pop. This is masses.

7pm: TBC

6pm: Dana Ali Band – Dana Ali’s sound is Neo-Soul, a combination of Blues, Jazz, Soul and R&B with Latin and Funk rythms. A diamond in the rough with an awesome recording project in the making!!!

5pm: Pepperjam – Based around Lorry’s songs, Pepperjam are, and have always been, about one thing: originality…They are not interested in playing diluted and pale imitations/ versions of someone else’s music, they set out from the very beginning to do their own thing, and this uncompromising stance is winning them admirers wherever they perform. Their set gets people on the floor from the off, high energy dance vibe, great tunes played with total commitment, passion and ability. ( ‘…a lava flow of rhythm, the audience responded with their feet…’ NME )

Beatitudes Stage: 3:00pm – 4:30pm

Tickets: No tickets are required

The Puzzle Hall Inn
21 Hollins Mill Lane
Sowerby Bridge HX6 2RF

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