SINGLE REVIEW: Artio – ‘Your Name’


Do Artio ever stop, great songs seem to appear with surprising regularity. It’s hard to keep up with them, but so worth the effort. I’m really not complaining, honest.

How to describe ‘Your Name? Well they seem to be firmly on that synth based alternative rock kick, and this is no different. It does that quiet/loud building to an even louder thing. And no I’m not damning with faint praise because Artio always bring craft and feel to the party. The choice of sounds is clever, there is nuance in the loud crashing, there is a pop edge to the quiet bits that soothes the soul, a calm before the storm. And there is the most fabulous spooky intro. And of course there is Rae’s voice which seems to grow with every release, grow in strength and depth.

The other thing you expect with Artio is a song that has meaning, is about something. Your Name’ is the first track that queer front-woman Rae has written about being openly bisexual since coming out in 2020. It’s about momentarily falling in love with someone, knowing you may never see them again and just wanting to know their name. It’s something we can all relate to. It’s 2½ minutes that are full of yearning, that drag you through the emotional mill, that put you in that situation completely.

The loud crashing sections bring to mind that feeling that hits you like a hammer. The quiet, the internal thoughts that run through at your head at breakneck speed.

Simply put – Artio do it again, another huge song, another step up on their incredible journey.

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