SINGLE REVIEW: Bonneville – ‘Gravy’


York based Bonneville – aka Bonnie – asked me to share her new track and video, but one quick listen later and I just couldn’t help but review it.

But first a little bit of history. I first came across Bonnie as half of The Lungs whose EP ‘Julianna Buttermaker’ I reviewed back in 2016 and still have on my list of favourite music I’ve discovered since I’ve been part of LSF. Part of why I loved that EP was her voice, and while what The Lungs did – a sort of gothic punk-ish dark Americana – is very different to what she’s doing now it’s her voice that I’m drawn to.

‘Gravy’ is kinda R’n’B, kinda soul with a whole load of pop sensibility. Catchy as hell, earwormy as much as you want. But it has something of the quirky, a sonic twist in the smoothness that makes it rise above the rest. It’s the way she uses her voice that does that.

And as well as being sonically quirky, it has something of a lyrical sense of humour in the midst of telling a great feel good story that makes you want to listen again and again. Bonnie says ‘It’s all about being stuck in a hole and meeting someone who makes you feel as though you can taste every flavour again’.

This is one fantastic song, not exactly my usual type of thing but I’m won over by how fab it is; that’s how good it is. Go to it people, it’s a stunner.

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