SINGLE REVIEW: CPSD – ‘Down Came A Spider’


CPSD are one of my favourite bands, naaah that’s too big of a list. Start again. CPSD are one of my favourite bands that I have a tendency to gush about. A fairly long list but shorter than my favourite bands list. More specifically they are also one of my favourite bands to see live. Live they take my breath away.

‘Down Came A Spider’ is heavy, way heavy. Heavy in what I’m going to describe as an alternative rock way. Although CPSD are never that easy to pin down – listen hard and you’ll hear a hint of heavy blues and a touch of electronica.

The track creeps in on a spooky intro before bursting into hard heavy guitar. Vocals over drums and strange electronica sounds alternate with riffage to the max. And then there’s a surprise, something that comes from nowhere, a chanted section. Before it bursts into guitar that sears.

The playing – and you’d expect this if you’ve ever seen or heard the band – is spellbindingly wonderful. The guitar burns, the bass is just wonderful and the drumming is cleverly sparse. The vocal is fantastic – coming with an edge of sinister and great sense of melody.

But there’s more, not only does this kick arse musically but it does that lyrically. The song is ‘an observational commentary of current affairs, and the handling of them by governing bodies. Specifically written following the storm surrounding Brexit, and becoming more prophetic by the day as the Coronavirus Pandemic unfolded, A energy, gritty take on politicians and how they manipulate voters’.

Kick-arse rock AND politics. a ferocious combination. ‘Down Came A Spider’ rocks, it rocks hard. I am totally blown away by this release.

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