SINGLE REVIEW: Daysession – ‘I Don’t Like Dancing Anymore’


First up some info, just to clue you in, Daysession is a solo project from Jimmy Sweeney the lead singer/songwriter for Leeds band Cliche Cult.

If you think that knowing his Cliche Cult membership is going to give you a clue to what this sounds like, you’d be wrong, so very wrong. ‘I Don’t Like Dancing Anymore’ is a big wrung out pop ballad with more than a hint of those tortured ballads of the late 50s’ and early 60s. So unexpected was this that I also choked on my coffee the first time I played I listened to it. Of course when I say unexpected, I mean this in a great way.

Full blown emotional vocals are going to grab you by the heart, followed by the bloody gorgeous guitar. The guitar sits somewhere in the wang bar bluesy sound of the 60s but it’s amped up, it’s all so gloriously extra.

Look people, they just don’t make songs like this any more, and the world is a lesser place for it; ‘I Don’t Like Dancing Anymore’ is a big shining light of joy in the emptiness. It’s a bold, beautiful move to be making music like this.

Before I end this review, a listening tip. It sounds wonderful on a set of cranked speakers but I got the best experience from having this injected directly into my ears via headphones. Those vocals and guitar really hit the spot then.

This, my friends, is a joy, a thing of beauty. Somethings that will enrich your life. It’s a must listen. I wait with bated breath for further releases from Daysession.


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