This, my friends, is like falling down a well of noise, you spiral down and down, hoping against hope that it doesn’t ever end (but of course it does in a welter of effects).

“So yeeaaah Frank, enough already, is it any good?” I hear you say. It is, it’s a blast, a huge blast. However, and it’s not a huge however, I didn’t find this as immediate as ‘Irreversible Knot’, that may just be me, you may be grooving to this straight away. But after a couple of listens I was hooked.

It starts with this ‘let’s ease you in gently’ intro and then it’s full on, blast it in yer face riff driven wall of sound. And quite what the hell is going on with those vocals, I haven’t heard vocals like that since like years. And it just doesn’t let up, except it does just to hit us with the most fuzzed up bass thing I’ve heard.

And yet if you listen to it enough what starts creeping through is these little subtle things – quite the most wonderful cymbal sound, little whirls of sound, a bass line that grooves hard. These are the things that make it listenable (is that even a word?) to again and again, you’re always hearing new things.

This is just the most wonderful 3 minutes and 20 seconds of fuzzed up, cranked up, psych-garage I’ve heard in ages (well since the last DENSE single). Welcome to the noise people, play as loud as you dare.

‘The Smoke’ is available now on all major streaming platforms.
Apple Music:

The info

DENSE are:
Charlie Fossick – Vocals/Guitar
Dylan Metcalf – Bass Guitar
Sam Heffer – Drums


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