SINGLE REVIEW: Flat Moon – ‘Smile While You Can’


I had the joy and privilege of hearing the band play this live recently at Hyde Park Book Club, so I’m not entirely coming to this new. However we have to admit that hearing something live is different to hearing a recorded track.

First let’s get the lowdown on what the song is about, the say say that the song ‘carries a message about keeping a positive mental attitude when you experience disappointment or setbacks in your life – we want to demonstrate that you can still have fun in troubled times, even whilst maintaining a nihilistic outlook. Yeh, everything’s a bit shit. Yeh, the world is literally on fire. What’re you gonna do ey? When there’s nothing left you’ve gotta smile while you can’.

A great positive message, and musically the song follows that message. It’s a funky, jazzy dance tune that positively compels some wild shape throwing. But Flat Moon NEVER play anything straight, so expect some sonic fireworks. You can start with some hot saxophone, move on to a touch of Afro-beat and the proper dose of Flat Moon freakout weirdness.

This, people, is fabulous. It’s as hot as hell on a red hot day. It’s as funky as a very funky thing. And it grooves to fuck. Need anything more, thought not. Stop reading this, crank it up loud as you dare, and dance like nobody’s watching.

The info

Flat Moon are

Jacob Kendrew
Mathew White
Alistair McCarthy
Alex Woods
Euan Kneale
Scarlet Bishop

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