SINGLE REVIEW: Fold – ‘Take It All Back’


If you’ve heard releases from Fold before – and if you haven’t you’ve been missing out – you’ll know that their music comes with powerful messages that are personal or political. ‘Take It All Back’ is one of those tracks that could be either.

Fold explain ‘the track is about reconciling our stories with the truth. There’s a line about the holocaust that claimed my father’s side of the family. We look back with horror at genocide and slavery but really they remain just around the corner. The mindset of those who created the mythology of racism is the same held by today’s rulers: that which values profit above all else.

‘The protections against dehumanisation are being eroded across the globe once again. I believe with all my heart that we must urgently empower ourselves to take control of the narratives that shape society and reverse this trend of dehumanisation’.

So it comes with a big picture message, but there’s also a message about taking back control of your life, about realising the power you have to cope with life’s pressures.

Lyrically the song goes straight to the heart of it, with a clarity that is emotionally compelling and powerful.

Musically the track takes a slightly more electronica feel than the previous releases I’ve reviewed but that jazz hip-hop feel is still there. There’s something about the sound that magnifies and amplifies the power of the lyrics; while at the same time sounding intimate and personal.

That’s the ‘objective music reviewer take’ but it’s the combined effect of the message, lyric and music that’s the overwhelmingly important thing here. This is a deeply emotional track, it’s incredibly moving. Quite how moving it is took me by surprise.

This is a beautiful song that combines music and lyrics to express a powerful message in a deeply emotional way. Make this song part of your life.

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