SINGLE REVIEW: Purple Thread – ‘Easy Livin’’


There’s something unexpected about this release from Purple Thread; not, I must say right now, in a bad way, it’s more pop than rock.. Although – he says rowing back on that immediately – they’ve always had that pop thing happening.

So, I hear you say, tell us what sort of pop sound we’re talking about. Sure, I was just getting to that. What we are talking about here is sharp as a knife 80s’ pop. There’s blissful 80s’ synth, that choppy ringing guitar cutting through in a kind of Simple Minds way and a vocal that positively oozes the best of 80s’ pop.

And yet, it’s not all retro. It does that thing of sounding how you remember it sounded rather than how it actually sounded back in the day. The production is crystal clear, the guitar cuts through harder, that drum is sparser, the synth is positively dreamy.

This is as earwormy as you would ever want, and as danceable as a dance-y thing. Purple Thread have a plan – even a cunning plan – to get the world shaking their thang.

And look, there’s all this, and it tells a story too. It continues the theme of the last release ‘Gimme More’. I’ll leave Liz to explain ‘’Easy Livin’’ picks up where our last single ‘Gimme More’ left off. It talks about fast pleasures, the highs and lows of life, and the euphoric feeling of letting go of everything you thought mattered. ‘Easy Livin’ lingers on the bittersweet moments before releasing into a dancefloor epiphany of a higher dream. We’ve found a thread in our songs recently which we’ve been following down the rabbit hole. The idea that we live in a world where tomorrow is promised but never delivered’.

A tune that’s going to lodge itself into your head for keeps, playing that bloody euphoric, a beat that demands you dance your arse off, and words that we can all relate to. Is this perfect? Yep, it’s perfect

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