SINGLE REVIEW: Heir – ‘Spare Room’


I love a great pop song and ‘Spare Room’ is a really great pop song. Call it alt-pop, call it indie-pop I don’t really care; to me it’s a fabulous pop song.

It has, to my ears at least, something of a retro feel. A feel that sits somewhere in the yacht-rock area. It’s the frankly wonderful harmonies, the catchy tune, the 70s/60s pop guitar stabs. Having taken a moment to listen to songs of the yacht-rock age, it sounds like I remember them sounding; not how they actually sound. So it’s retro but of now. It does things that were probably not possible sound-wise back then.

And the sound of this thing is amazing; there’s not a sound or note out of place. It’s as smooth as a smooth thing. It’s creamy, there is no other way of describing it. And yet while it’s smooth, it doesn’t overwhelm the fact that this is a dance track, an old school dance track.

This, my friends, is perfect pop. Get your best dancing clothes on, and go throw some shapes.

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