SINGLE REVIEW: Hollow Doors – ‘Anywhere’


This is the second release I’ve reviewed from Hollow Doors – there will be two more after this, They’re releasing singles weekly.

‘Anywhere’ is a big building indie/indie-rock song. You know one of those big soaring tracks – insistent guitar, big backing vocals. Although Hollow Doors never quite do what you expect, in this case there’s a lovely almost folky start to the track with just voice and guitar.

The great thing about ‘Anywhere’ is that it has a tune that bores its way into your head, and before you know it’s sitting there unmovable. The other really great thing is that while on the face of it the track is one of those big building indie/indie-rock songs, repeated listening throws up things you don’t expect. Like the rather lovely arranged backing vocals, and the frankly strange backing vocals that come in at around 2 minutes 38 – although they make sense musically, honestly, it’s just not what I expected to hear.

The playing is cool, way cool. You can take that as read, people. The lead vocal is a lovely thing – I’m especially keen on the way it builds towards the end. And the words are great, they are singalong great, I can almost hear a crowd singing them as I write this.

And it leaves you uplifted, with a huge smile on your face, and that is a fantastic thing for a song to do. Go listen, go listen now.

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