SINGLE REVIEW: Hollow Doors – ‘Some Other Me’


I’ve been hugely impressed with the other three releases I’ve reviewed from Hollow Doors, and this is no exception. This is the last in a series of weekly releases, and boy are they finishing with a bang.

The thing about the previous releases is that they showcased a band who are not afraid to do something different, to play in a variety of styles. This song just reinforces that. They’ve thrown us a curveball, It sounds like 80s’ power pop – it’s quite rocky and it has that angular thing going on, with a big big big chorus. Even the vocals do that 80s thing. It even has that hint of post-punk that a lot of 80s’ power-pop had.

It all brings to mind that period where all you saw on Top of the Pops was bands with out-there hairstyles (usually quite long at the back, and yep I too had something like that then, although bear in mind that I was metal loving hippie goth at the time, at least in appearance), dancing in that angular way.

The guitar is all sharp and insistent, and when it soars it rocks out. There are massed backing vocals. It reminds me of King, and this is a very good thing.

Look enough of my being transported back to my youth. While it might be reminding me of my youth, this isn’t going to be the same for most of you (if our social media profiles are anything to go by). So look this is a song with an absolutely fantastic tune, a beat that won’t let go, a beat that’ll have you dancing or throwing yourself around a room in seconds. A big singalong chorus, and playing that is frankly outstanding. The fact that it has this mad outro is just a bonus.

Hollow Doors you have my head totally messed with, this was so unexpected, and yet somehow expected. It’s messed with me in a really good way. This is a brilliant release, from a band totally unafraid to do their own thing.

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