SINGLE REVIEW: Leo Brazil – ‘Tiger Inside’


Recorded ‘live in studio’ with the band Wadcutter Blues Leo’s first release on his label Birds and Beasts Records is a storming slab of blues rock. Now before you write off the track as only being of interest to roots music fans (who will love this) there’s something extra to this track that will appeal to anyone who’s partial to guitar based rock or anyone interested in somewhat off the wall music.

It’s blues rock but it has a twist that makes it something more than that. This thing really lets go, people – it’s raw and bloody raucous – and it has just an edge of psychedelic madness. It’s completely musically groovy, sinuous as fuck and for anyone who’s a fan of guitar played on the edge of rock chaos; that’s here. The ‘off the wall’ness comes from Leo’s vocal and the words. The words are guaranteed to leave you grinning. Leo and Wadcutter Blues are letting it rip, guitars, piano, organ and drums providing a wall of gorgeous sound that will leave you breathless.

This thing is a bloody joy. Go listen. Turn it up loud and groove hard friends.

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