SINGLE REVIEW: Lolas – ‘The Stars Go Home And Cry’/’Cherry Police’


My first review of 2023, and it’s a fabulous slice of dreamy pop from Lolas. Lolas might be new to you but who they are shouldn’t be; the duo are Naomi Mann and Fizz Smith of The Seamonsters fame. The thing about The Seamonsters was that they always had an ear for a great tune, and these songs sure don’t disappoint on that. Let’s leap in.

One thing I should warn you about ‘The Stars Go Home And Cry’ is that it starts off really quiet; so don’t, unless you really like to deafen your neighbours, be tempted to turn up the volume. So as the dream-pop guitar gradually builds the song turns into something that I can only describe as a big dream pop ballad with, and this is crucial, more than a hint of a classic pop sound, something of that Fleetwood Mac feel is there too.

Musically the things that are going to grab you are the subtle and clever dreamy guitar and a wonderful use of piano. And the vocal is a complete joy, totally compelling, it builds with the track into something that is glorious.

‘Cherry Police’ features more of that piano, I say features although it should probably be piano led. Again the feel here is in that pop ballad kinda sound. Although, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that there’s more than a hint of early Kate Bush in the sound and feel. The combination of voice and piano is completely lovely.

In the time I’ve had access to this, I have to admit I’ve become somewhat obsessed with these two songs. The songwriting, playing and the way they are put together is fantastic. The sound is gorgeous, that mix of the now in the dreamy pop and the retro classic pop is mesmerising. These songs weave a beautiful spell.

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