SINGLE REVIEW: Matilda Shakes – ‘Neon Haze’


Matilda Shakes make music that leans towards the retro; it’s hard, loud and R’n’B based, And a bloody joy.

‘Neon Haze’ is loud, guitar heavy and has a beat you can’t deny. As with their last release ‘Fever Dream’ it’s so heavy you could call it classic rock. Crunchy guitars, vocals that scream and drums that pound. But it doesn’t lose that Matilda Shakes thing; it’s a song you can shake yourself into a pool of sweat to.

This is consummate performance, every guitar, every vocal, every drum beat is spot on. Glorious guitar flourishes abound, thrilling your ears. The backing vox are the icing on the cake. And the breakdown, folks, it brings in that touch of the psychedelic R’n’B that is the cherry. And while technically brilliant, this is music with soul and feeling. In fact it’s dirty as fuck.

Look if you’re a fan of big guitar music this is a band you must check out. Matilda Shakes make music that you can shake yourself down to. ‘Neon Haze’ is down and dirty, big, meaty and beaty. Just damn perfect, people.

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