SINGLE REVIEW: Ruth Toynton – ‘Beautiful Disaster’


I’m going to cut straight to it, this is another truly wonderful release from Ruth. How I’m going to tell you why.

‘Beautiful Disaster’ is a lot less poppy than her last release ‘Songbird’. It’s a jazzy soul song with just a seasoning of pop. But that’s merely a description, here’s the full story. A sparse piano, a jazz trumpet set way way back (best experienced with headphones) and the subtlest of guitars make up the sound of this track. And it burns, it burns so good.

And over this Ruth sings great words in a voice that enchants, it mesmerises, it compels. Her voice is so central to this track that the oh-so good music is almost reduced to a supporting role. I say almost because it’s the vocals AND the music together that make this song so good. I just can’t help focusing on her voice.

The whole is smokey atmosphere and pure mood. It’s the soundtrack to an early 60s’ film noir; helped by another subtle sound, the sound of crowds. Yes, this is a track that reveals itself slowly over several listens.

‘Beautiful Disaster’ is a beautiful song; beyond fabulous vocals, a fantastic arrangement and faultless production. Go soak yourself in its magical sound.

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