SINGLE REVIEW: Cheryl Holland – ‘Into The Heat’


This is the first release from West Yorkshire dance singer/songwriter and producer Cheryl Holland I’ve reviewed.

Look, I have to be honest here back in the day Cheryl’s rave sound dance music just wouldn’t have been my thing; but time passes and things shift and I find myself really liking this track. It’s so bloody joyful, and I find myself compelled to throw some – somewhat embarrassing – shapes.

It is, as I’ve already hinted, a rave dance track with all that entails Big driving bass beats, stabby synths, euphoric builds, clever breakdowns; you know the type of thing. The thing is it’s all done so well. The sound is faultless, the way it’s put together is perfect. It just leaves you to feel the joy and dance your arse off. Cheryl has a voice that soars high. The music complements her vocals and she pulls off some clever spoken passages that just add to the mix.

You’ve probably worked out that this is a retro sound but hey, does that really matter. It’s got me hooked on a sound I wasn’t into at the time, and when it’s this good I don’t give a damn. This is music that makes you want to get sweaty out on the floor. And this is all good, it’s very very good.

Get your dancing shoes on, crank this up and dance yourself into a small pool of sweat. ‘Into The Heat’ is euphoric dance music that’s brimming with joy.

The info

Cheryl teamed up with Tom Sleeps, a progressive/trance producer and DJ to make this track.

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