SINGLE REVIEW: Midland Railway – ‘She Loves Ted Bundy’


Look, I know that you all have a question about this single, and I’m going to answer that question right now so we can get it out of the way. The band explain ‘the song was inspired by frontman Nick’s girlfriend Lizzie, and her insane obsession with serial killer Ted Bundy. Though Lizzie initially protested that the song made her sound “mental”, it quickly became clear that many, many other women are also unhealthily obsessed with Ted Bundy, which Lizzie found very comforting’.

So it’s that kind of obsession with true life crime, and I did manage to find one article, from Vogue no less, that attempts to explain woman’s interest in it – ‘This might be the reason why women are obsessed with true crime stories’. Whether you agree that ‘many, many other women are unhealthily obsessed’ with true life murder in general, or Ted Bundy in particular. It’s more arresting than the inspiration for most songs, isn’t it.

There’s also the fact that there’s a long history of songs inspired by killers – ‘Gary Gilmore’s Eyes’ by The Adverts for example. There’s this page of songs inspired by serial killers – List of songs about or referencing serial killers  should you be inclined to check it out. So this is carrying on a musical tradition.

Now we’ve got that out of the way. What does this track sound like? Well it’s a pop-punk dance-along, singalong (although you may feel a bit uncomfortable with the words) bundle of fun with a tune that’s so catchy it should come with a health warning. Honestly, it is. I say pop-punk but it comes with a hefty dose of punky New Wave – there’s a bit that reminds me of The Vapors’s ‘Turning Japanese’ and a dash of B-52s. And it’s DIY enough to add that touch of wonderful chaotic joy. All kinds of gorgeous things I’m sure you’ll agree.

Bloody hell, people, this is wonderful.

The info

Having met each other through a combination of gigs around Manchester University, Magic The Gathering Tournaments, and the LTA Local Tennis Leagues, Midland Railway have developed their unique brand of melodic nerd-rock that combines Weezer-inspired guitar sounds with some Bright Eyes-inspired misery, Magnetic Fields-esq dark humour, and some extremely specific references to the band’s interests, hobbies, and experiences, leading to songs about topics such as Pokémon, online football management, and serial killers. Midland Railway are Nick (vocals + guitar), Sarah (bass + vocals, and Dan (lead guitar). All the best bands are named after railway companies, and Midland Railway are on track to join this exclusive club.

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