SINGLE REVIEW: Del Scott Miller – ‘She Who May Never’


Another beautiful release from Del. He can do things with words, voice and guitar that on the one level impress with sheer technical skill and on the other, and more importantly, weave those things into something that moves you emotionally.

The guitar here is gentle and subtle. So sparse is the sound that the space in the music is so much bigger than sound. But each of those plucked notes is so carefully chosen to tell the emotions and story of the song. And over this Del sings the words simply; this is no fireworks laden vocal. But it’s just what the song needs. Musically this is truly beautiful.

Del’s songs are always about something and I’m fortunate to have been given a clue to help me at least start to understand it. The key is that ‘The ‘She’ of the song is the personification of lost time, potential and opportunities’. I’m not saying this is going to magically unlock the song, but it gives us a starting point, iit lifts the corner of the veil.

This is a song that can be enjoyed as a beautiful musical experience or a song to appreciate, to think about. Or better yet both. Simply put, this is gorgeous.

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