SINGLE REVIEW: Molly Rymer – ‘Someone Else’


Molly is new to me; I mean her name is one I’m sure I’ve seen but this is the first time hearing her music.

‘Someone Else’ sounds both simple and complex at the same time. It is on the face of it simple – a vocal, a guitar, subtle additions of backing vocals, a hint of a gentle drum, washes of sound. But she has taken these and made of them something with depth both emotionally and musically.

Her vocal is a thing of wonder – displaying a range of styles and feelings that convey the story, the emotion, in the song. It tugs at your soul, it’s heartbreaking. She sings words that ring, of the truth, of experience, without holding anything back. It’s raw and honest.

With a plucked guitar providing the backbone of the music; the swells as those backing vocals, the washes of sound, take you through a journey. The “struggles of moving on from first-time heartbreak”, she explains “not so much trying to capture a feeling of sadness, but that liminal space after a breakup when you don’t really know how to be single but don’t know how to be with somebody either. It explores that desire to understand yourself and how you feel.”

It is voice, words and music in perfect harmony. They describe not only the story but the emotions and feelings she’s experienced. It’s intimate; you feel she is singing this just for you. It’s a conversation in song.

This song left me speechless, and unsure that anything I could write about it would be adequate. I can only hope that my attempt to write the review this song deserves is enough to make you listen to this song, and then make it a part of your life forever.

Molly is, on the evidence of this single, a very special talent. ‘Someone Else’ is a treasure of a song, an incredibly beautiful treasure. A song that will bring tears to your eyes, break your heart, and yet at the same time make you feel full of joy that you have found this song, that you will always have it.

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