SINGLE REVIEW: Monoking – ‘Gold’/ ‘10/10’


Offering a single of two distinct halves, Monoking play it hard and soft with ‘Gold’ and ‘10/10’. Opening with ‘Gold’, a wholesome, eighties-style pop track comprised of mellow chord changes and lyrics which talk of a lover who will not be waited for—a perfect counter weight to the danceable ‘10/10’—the listener is provided with something that one can only describe as harmonious and soothing to relax to. A nice opener and tender fix to the spiked up, bass-driven rhythms of its companion track.

In contrast however, ‘10/10’ with its catchy, bouncy refrain, flows along seamlessly, allowing for its flawless indie-pop to get under your skin and permeate the senses. The track also has the sharp, unmistakeable feel of something The Rapture, one time defenders of the synth-drum-guitar equation, might themselves have thrown together. And it’s to this end that each had my head nodding, my knee jiggling and my mind wondering when and where I could find the band’s next gig. Fortunately I have this information. This month Monoking will play the Sheffield Rocking Chair on the 25th.

Word to the wise, try not to miss them.

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