SINGLE REVIEW: Patience – ‘Whatever It Takes’


This is the debut release from Leeds’ band Patience. Well the first under this name, as they were formerly known as Japanese Raccoon Dog; whose EP ‘Put a Pound in the Sorry Jar’ I raved about.

‘Whatever It Takes’ is a magical mix of wonderfully tuneful pop and heavy guitar. But this is not all of what it is; throw in math-rock into that mix, and a vocal that hovers between alt-folk and big melodic metal. This is not pop-rock in any way shape or form. In fact the closest I have been able to come to is that it’s like big alt-rock synth pop but with guitars.

It’s jagged and soaring sounds that swirl around your head like a maelstrom of sounds with that smooth melody boring into your brain. Layers of sounds that at once twist and turn around you, only to meld in something huge. There are synths, metallic guitars, intricate guitars, clever drumming, and always that beautiful vocal,

While I may have confused you, this is only because it’s such a mixture of ‘of now’ sounds that I find it hard to produce a condensed pithy phrase that describes this song. All I can say is that it’s astoundingly good. And this, people, should be enough. All I can do is to urge you to check this out; whatever kind of musical direction your tastes lean.

Patience are a band making their own music and doing it beautifully.

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