SINGLE REVIEW: Radio Partizan – ‘Breaking News’

I urge you. Listen. And think about what you’re hearing.


It’s a rousing punky post-punky track this release from Leeds’ band Radio Partizan. It’s kinda raw and raucous in a glorious way.

But, and it’s a big but, this isn’t just about the music, it’s about something, it’s a political (or even Political with a big P) song that is about the rise of the far-right and the results of that. It references Brexit, the suppression of liberal protest movements. How you feel about the song might be swayed by your political views I’ve got to admit. The thing that makes it worth listening to, and listening closely, is that the words are well-written and make you think. So even if the subject of the song might not be something that chimes with you, listen, think and make up your own mind as to whether you agree with everything the song says, or even some of it.

You could just let the music take you, the playing is really fantastic, there is some really lovely guitar in there, but I think you’d be missing out on something. I have to be honest, the song fits with my views, and so both the music and the words really hit home. Personally I miss songs with a message, even messages I don’t agree with. I like things that make me think about what I think and believe.

So I urge you. Listen. And think about what you’re hearing.

The info

Radio Partizan have playing around Leeds for 8 years, the band say ‘things like small kids arriving have made us less active in recent years but we have now got new stuff coming our and gigs planned for this year’.

Reggie Side – Vocals, Guitar
Helena Handcart – Vocals, Bass
Cyril Disobedience – Drums

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