SINGLE REVIEW: Ruth Toynton – ‘Songbird’


‘Songbird’ is a fantastically lovely song. Really, that’s the review. OK I suppose the review should be a little more informative. So here goes.

You may (or I suppose not) know Ruth for jazz infused songs in what I’m going to call a modern retro style. ‘Songbird’ marks a change of style. There is still a jazz feel but musically it takes that jazz feel into a kind of slow groove trip-hop direction. There are beats and it’s more electronic. What remains is the brilliant vocals. It is the best of the new and the best of the old; to coin a cliche.

As with Ruth’s previous releases the captivating element is the vocals. Here they are bright and light, and provide the jazzy part of the song.

The song also plays with you; it starts with a distinctively jazz keys intro before introducing the new sound. It made me smile, it’s clever.

To repeat myself, ‘Songbird’ is a fantastically lovely song. It’s enchanting and full of all kinds of musical goodness.


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