So now that I seem to have embraced big rousing indie tunes, TAMSYN’s ‘Forever Is Now’ really hits the spot. It’s a big, no bloody huge, guitar driven indie song.

It has this wonderful nagging guitar riff that drives through the song. But the thing I really love about the song is the vocals – they’re just wonderfully… let’s say, hazy and floaty, with a hint of The Associates. I also have a bit of thing about the start of the song which opens with of all things an organ. But most of all I love that it doesn’t let up, it just sits there at raging the whole way through.

And the playing on this thing is great, the guitar has just the right amount of rawness, the drums are uncomplicated and just right for the track.

This a short and sweet review, just play it people, the louder the better.

The info

Alexander Anton – Vocals/Bass
Michael Penfold – Rhythm Guitar/Words
Phil Hammill – Lead Guitar
Luke Finch – Percussion
Andrian Sharples – 3rd Guitar

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