SINGLE REVIEW: The Big Peach – ‘Run & Hide’


I like a bit of garage rock and roll, I like it even better when it comes with 60’s psychedelic pop influences, and ‘Run & Hide’ has that. Ever better for me, and this is very much a personal thing, I really like that it has a hint of The Monkees, and something of The Small Faces. This makes it sound retro, and you’d be right, it is. But sometimes it’s right to do retro sounding music. Even better the production of this track is spot on.

So what else is there to like about ‘Run & Hide’, plenty. It has a jaunty earwormy tune, spot on vocals, a lovely jangly thing going on. Oh and that’s not forgetting the rather lovely piano, and a fab guitar break.

Look people, this isn’t high musical art but it’s a fantastic piece of 60s influenced pop that’ll have your toe tapping, a big smile on your face and a certain joy in your heart. And don’t we all need that sometimes, get to it.

The info

The Big Peach is a garage rock and roll group from Manchester. Their music gathers a lot of influence from the burgeoning garage and psych scenes of the 1960s and beyond. With influences deep in Laurel Canyon, hints of Tamla Motown and and a splash of Mod from the streets of London.

This release is the first of a series of four which helps round off a busy period packed full of gigs, appearing on line-ups with Triptides, The Dandelion, Levitation Room and The Blank Tapes. The Big Peach also played at the Bingley Weekender last summer and created their own festival PeachFest that caught attention of many bands, record labels and promoters.

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