SINGLE REVIEW: The Elephant Trees – ‘Monster’


This track absolutely blew me away. I was impressed by the previous single I reviewed by the band – ‘90 Degrees’ – but this, this is a hugely impressive track. I’ve been sitting on it for a while – albeit in unmastered form – and it’s been a go to track, you know one of those I fancy listening to something that’s going to be much more than background, something that’s going to take me somewhere.

It has great lyrics, emotions in spades and musically it’s epic. This thing comes at you in waves, it starts all acoustic and then it builds, and then it drops out, and then it explodes. Every time I listen it I’m just waiting for that explosion.

So the thing that’s going to hit you first is the words and Martha’s vocals. Martha’s voice is great on this track, it drips emotion – she is sad, she is angry, she is frankly losing it big time. I’m not usually a fan of that staccato style of vocal she uses at the start of the track but here it works, it works great. And I love the way she varies the style of vocal during the song. And just the way she sings that line ‘Am I a monster, or am I a child’ reaches in and twists at your heart.

Then there are the musical touches – the way it builds, the backing vocals that ‘double track’ the lead vocal. That explosion that treads the fine line between an all out freakout and controlled power. And those few acoustic guitar notes at the end finish it off all so well.

For me The Elephant Trees have stepped up a level with this song, I can’t wait to hear what they release next.

The track is available on Spotify

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