SINGLE REVIEW: The Real Ink – ‘Boi’

'‘Boi’ is just glorious, go get some Real Ink in your life'


Back in March I raved in a frankly unrestrained way about The Real Ink’s EP ‘Part 1’, so when the opportunity came up to review a new single I said yes before even actually listening to the track. Something which, as you might imagine, could have been – let’s say – a little risky. But sometimes it’s worth taking a risk.

‘Boi’ is just the funkiest ska-iest thing, it’s frankly something that you’re not going to be able to resist dancing madly to. But I’m getting ahead of myself here, let’s just clue you in. The Real Ink mix Funk, Reggae, Jazz and Ska, play like crazily well, and have a real gem of a singer in Molly.

‘Boi’ kinda majors on Funk and Ska. Look people this thing is so damn funky, that sax is just so damn sexy, that bass is just so cool, and that voice is thrilling. Molly has this, how shall I put it, yelp she uses that is just fascinating and wonderful- that’s when she’s not singing in that gloriously raw way she does sometimes, or even that smooth thing.

This song would be way way cool if it just did what it does at the beginning for the whole thing but does it do that, no way people, it has this slower section and then it revs way way up, faster and faster until until you can do is throw yourself around the room. The whole is just so so good it takes over your head, it takes over your whole body until you are bouncing.

‘Boi’ is just glorious, go get some Real Ink in your life.

‘Boi’ is available on Spotify & iTunes

The info

The Real Ink are from Manchester but play frequently in the LSF area. INK are:

Vocals – Molly Hall
Saxophone – Seph Fountain
Guitar – Fynn Birch
Bass – Gabe Burke
Drums- Aron Mather

Upcoming gigs

The Real Ink Presents: Light & Noise
Saturday, 27 October 2018 from 19:00-23:00
Factory Manchester

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