SINGLE REVIEW: VENUS GRRRLS – ‘Violet State of Mind’


Welcome, my friends to the show that never ends, the ever upwards march of VENUS GRRRLS. It’s kind of repetitive of me to say, but oh so bloody true, that once again the band have taken their sound to another level of excitement.

The song is a clarion call, the band explain “’Violet State of Mind’ is the anthem to your hot girl summer, be it spending time with your best mates in the sun, or falling in love with yourself and/or someone else, We want this song to be on your get ready playlists and allow you to reach into those inner deities that we know you are”.

The sound is heavy, all out, way out there. Yep it’s kind of alt-rock but the GRRRLS bring their own very special approach. There’s a tune that’s as earwormy as hell; at least in the ‘quieter bits’. There are some frankly wonderful bass things going on. And I shouldn’t fail to mention the sparkle the keyboards add. But I’m guessing that, for most of us, the thing that’s going to stick in our heads, on the first couple of listens at least, is the all out guitar freakout that the track builds to; it’s so so good. Turn this song up, way up.

The thing about VENUS GRRRLS is that they sure play heavy but their songs have a certain, let’s call it classiness. The guitars scream out but there’s much more to their sound than just loud. There’s that sense of melody for a start. This is a band who individually shine; there’s the touches that all the instruments add to their songs. When all that comes together it’s a total joy. Here there’s the upfront bass, the textures the keyboards add. And the all out beating of the drums that drives the track up and up. And who could miss the vocals, GK can scream a vocal with the best of them but she’s capable of a vocal tone that’s going to totally mesmerise you. So take the time to really listen to this, you’ll be astounded.

Just when you think VENUS GRRRLS have reached the peak, they go and prove you wrong. This is simply brilliant.

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