SINGLE REVIEW: We Are One – ‘We Are Rock n Roll’


We Are One ‘were born and bred in Yorkshire – Doncaster if I’m reading their bio right – but formed in London ‘We Are Rock n Roll’ is their second single. Their first – We Are From Doncaster’ is certainly nailing their colours to the mast but why the hell not be proud of where you’re from.

They describe themselves as a hip-hop/punk band, that hard rocking punk with hints of post-hardcore and metal – more than hints to be totally honest. And if you’re expecting something played at breakneck speed, you’d be wrong. Look, this is no ballad obviously, OK? And it comes with loads of punk attitude. Actually this is a band who come with attitude in spades, and there’s nothing wrong with that if you’ve got the musical chops to back it up, and they have that.

It also comes with loads of obvious musical skill – there is guitar to die for, pounding drums, throbbing bass. And it’s put together really well. The whole – the punky vocals, the post-hardcore guitars, the hints of hip-hop, the surprise of the harmony backing vocals – is thrilling, exciting, a blast, a riot. It’s surprisingly addictive; this kind of crept up on me, after listening to it three or four t\imes I suddenly found myself reaching for it, singing along, at the oddest times.

This is an anthem, a declaration of intent, a statement of who this band are. And they are fucking rock ‘n’ roll. This is fucking rock ‘n’ roll. Play loud – very loud, the louder the better – and proud.

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