SINGLE REVIEW: Zero Cost – ‘Moving Up’


Zero Cost’s second single is short, sharp and bloody raucous.

Yep there’s still those metal elements but this is punky as fuck. Played at breakneck speed, vicious guitar upfront and centre, vocals spat out in a tumbling rush, drums thrash.

The song seems to be about not being held back by society, making the most of your life and fulfilling your potential – from what I could work out, those words come thick and fast. Again your classic punk song subject. Zero Cost really are doing punk right here.

And the production’s just right; live and direct in feel, just the best live you’ve ever heard. This is a production done for the energy not the finesse and it’s all the better for it.

Zero Cost have come out into the world as a fully fledged band, doing what they do so incredibly well. They do punk, and they do it right, fucking right. This track thrills, go listen right now.

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