SINGLE & TOUR NEWS: FUDGE. Drop new studio version of ‘Your Fall From Grace’, UK tour April 2023


Following their signing to the Marshall Live agency last year, Leeds four-piece FUDGE. have released their new single, a studio version of ‘Your Fall From Grace’ which previously featured on their Town Hall Session live EP.

This new version of Y.F.F.G. again has the magical touch of producer Kane Whitelam. Placed in a studio setting, though, Kane and the band have uncovered a new depth to the song with greater experimentation and a greater attention to detail. The single demonstrates a new edge to the FUDGE. sound and one they are extremely proud of. It unveils a new era that sets the tone for further development and exploration, and this is an electrifying start.

Described by the band as a rebellious love song, Y.F.F.G. is as close to that as their style will possibly allow. It’s more authentic, more palpable, and one free from the idealised romanticisms and cliches we are invariably used to.

Y.F.F.G. unearths the less glamorous yet more common aspects of relationships and highlights the angst of anticipating the future when perhaps we should really be enjoying the present. The accompanying video, which will be available soon, perpetuates this narrative, providing a deeper connection to the underlying message that love is the answer.

By their standards, FUDGE. are perhaps at times more restrained here, which allows the narrative to come through, although it’s certainly not something you can sit back and relax to. Come the chorus, however, the band provide us with another song that implores the listener to react to and, importantly, engage with because the chances are it’s something that we can all relate to.

Commenting about Y.F.F.G. singer Cam says: “It’s different to our usual songs but it’s a fan favourite and shows a very atmospheric, abstract vibe and I see it as a rebellious love song. The feeling I get from this song is the same as the almost surreal sensation you get when you’re on your own late at night or early morning. That may sound strange but some of you might get what I mean.”

Guitarist Otto expands: “I call this our quiet song. I wrote it whilst someone was sleeping in the same room as me, so I picked something sweet sounding and played it with compassion. Luckily, the outcome was one of our most palatable songs for the listener and, honestly, one that I never meant to write but am grateful that I did.”

Drummer Angus adds: “You get to hear Cam’s sensitive side on this song, which is usually hidden behind his radginess. It’s a lot smoother in its ebbs and flows and playing drums to this is actually quite a relaxing experience because, for once, I can sit back and let the song do the work. For that reason, it’s bigger than its constituent parts. A bit of a banger in other words.”

The single is the first to be taken from the band’s forthcoming THAT’S JUST IT, THIS IS NOW EP, which will be released during their forthcoming headline April tour.

After a short hiatus from the live circuit, the band are back and they’re hungry. Anyone who has ever witnessed a FUDGE. gig can expect the same intensity but with a little minty freshness to cleanse the palate. For those who haven’t seen them live before, the band recommend a spare pair of trousers. Some baby wipes probably wouldn’t go amiss either.


Sat 22 BOSTON Dogfest
Tue 25 BRISTOL Crofter’s Rights
Wed 26 LONDON Grace
Thu 27 NOTTINGHAM Bodega
Fri 28 LEEDS Brudenell Social Club
Sat 29 MANCHESTER Gulliver’s


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