VIDEO NEWS & REVIEW: Hypnosister drops lyric video for ‘Breath’


Hypnosister (aka Leeds based ex Allusondrugs noise merchant Damian Hughes) has released a video for ‘Breath’.

‘Breath’ is an epic tune. It’s slow, with this steady guitar chord. If you listen to this several times in a row it all becomes hypnotic.. But there are these sections where suddenly it opens out into something that just has the sweetest tune. But then it does the strangest thing it becomes something else entirely, suddenly and not for long at all, it returns briefly to that crashing guitar chord and fades out on this oh-so-lovely keyboard.

The song matches – if you see what I mean – the subject matter. ​“Breath is about the people that pretend to care about you when there’s something in it for them, then as soon as your circumstances change they drop like flies,” Hughes says. “It’s a great lesson. It teaches you who to trust and what’s really important, enabling you to move through life stronger, with more conviction and more gratitude than ever before”.

But what he says doesn’t quite describe how nightmare-ish this happening can be, although the song, the sound of the song does that. Listened to loud and on repeat (for as long as you can bear) it’s a scary thing, and it needs to be to reflect the lyrics. The more I hear this, the more I’ve grown to love it.

“Breath” is taken from Hypnosister debut self-titled EP which available from