VIDEO REVIEW: Lords of Power – ‘The Devil Wears Shoes’


I saw Lords of Power a while back at the Lending Room supporting inFade, I was impressed. So news that the band had a while back released a video of ‘The Devil Wears Shoes’ from their ‘Lords of Power’ EP was good thing.

So Lords of Power describe what they do as alt-rock, seeing them live I got that but I also got huge amounts of sounds from that 80s’ period of rock which I refer to as power-rock. But let’s not get too hung up on slotting the band neatly in a genre niche. Good music is good music however you may classify it. And ‘The Devil Wears Shoes’ is undoutably good music, very good music.

It’s kinda latin tinged, and suitably kinda scary sounding given the subject of the song. I say latin tinged but it’s mostly guitar heavy, guitar heavy in a great way. And yeah it sort of does that alt-rock quiet/loud thing. It also has vocals that are really good, I love the tone of the vocals on this song. But when that guitar kicks in, it’s glorious, bloody glorious.

It also has great words, and given the way the band have put this thing together, words you can actually hear. And it has a great tune.

Great music, great vocals, great arrangement, words worth listening to – could you ask for anything more.

So this is a video people, so what of the visuals? Well, it’s a performance type video with the band performing in a church. A church with what appears to be a full lighting rig. You may be thinking ‘well I’ve seen that before’ and yeah I guess we have but this video is full of exactly the right atmosphere and some unexpected shots, so it’s well worth watching, OK.

The band play 360 Club Leeds on Friday 20th December, where they’ll be launching their new single, ‘Millennial Whoop’.

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Check out the EP

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