EP REVIEW: Moi_6 – ‘Archive’


I reviewed Moi_6’s ‘Music Made on a Cash Register’ EP a while back and may have surprised some of you by really liking it (I may, of course, not surprised anyone but I don’t know for sure). This EP I really like again. Moi_6’s music is both hugely engaging and clever.

It’s similar in having track names that are enigmatic (‘Del.sperad’ for example), but as I said in my previous review the track names are not that important to your enjoyment of this music. It’s different in that on some tracks the sound is somewhat more ambient and richer sounding than the tracks on ‘Music Made on a Cash Register’. This doesn’t make it better, just different OK?

‘Breakchop1(bnc2)’ is, as the title might suggest, based around a choppy breakbeat. It’s atmospheric and, in common with all of the tracks, sounds ‘organic’. What I mean by this is that while it’s obviously layers of programmed sounds it feels like it could be performed live, given enough people to play it.

‘Del.sperad(lowdel Mix))’ sounds, as did the tracks on the previous EP, a little like an 80s’ tech programme theme. Although what this doesn’t tell you is that it comes with a sense of darkness. The underlying synth washes have something of 80s’ post-punk electronica. ‘X06.bond (finmas)’ is darker still. Sounds jab out at you out of the moody atmospheric backing. Small sounds suddenly sound out. It actually sounds rather scary. This is definitely the stand out track for me.

‘X06.bond (finmas)’ sounds retro electronixa. ‘Oscdrft.test’ is all slow, dark and atmospheric – rich synth and clanging sounds. The EP closer is a slow version of ‘Del.sperad’.

These simple descriptions don’t tell you that the tracks develop, they change, they have structure, carefully thought out structure. This is very definitely music not a collection of random sounds. It’s music you can immerse yourself in, and it’s emotionally satisfying. If this type of music is new to you I suggest you take a listen, take your time and listen properly. This is lovely stuff.

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