FESTIVAL NEWS: Tor Festival 2016 1st October Todmorden

This years's festival dates - warm up night on 30th September, the main festival day on 1st October and a tape roast on 2nd October.


Festival Warm Up Night: Friday 30th September at The Golden Lion, Todmorden

Magpahi – ethereal folk songs filled with mystery and intrigue.

Sophie Cooper and Julian Bradley – new duo experimenting with vocals, trombone and electronics, amazing stuff.

Tor Invocation Band – amorphous group with no fixed line up, dilapidated drone and hazy disintegrating psych.

Main Festival: Saturday 1st October at Todmorden Unitarian Church

Bong – ultra heavy psychedelic doom masters from Newcastle

Tom Carter- founding member psychedelic folk legends Charalambides, spectral guitar metamorphosis.

Samara Lubelski – pastoral folk tinged pop songs, Samara has played in the Tower Recordings, MV & EE, Thurston Moore’s band and Chelsea Light Moving, amongst many others.

Ignatz: the alias of Belgium’s Bram Devens – sparse, deeply personal and emotive songs, captivating and enthralling.

Blood Stereo – experimental noise duo of Dylan Nyoukis and Karen Constance, always a blast and never predictable, demolished feng shui.

Ashtray Navigations – psychedelic legends consistently producing mind meltingly great music.

Early Mammal – mammoth fuzz cloaked psychedelic rock, heavy stuff.

Ryoko Akama – sound artist from Japan via UK working with objects and electronics, delicate intricate work exploring spaces and environs.

Harappian Night Recordings – anarchic euphoric madness, instruments from all over the world blasted together in a frenetic vortex.

Roman Nose – trio of Jon Marshall, Sarah Mcwatt and Charlie Collins, relentless ecstatic propulsive monsoon.

Chrissie Caulfield – electric violin through more effects pedals than you can count, entrancing stuff.

Tape roast: Sunday 2nd October at The Golden Lion, Todmorden

For those of you still around on Sunday, drop by the Golden Lion for a Sunday roast and some tape djing from Sophie Cooper, Jorge Boehringer and some other guests.

Tickets and further information: http://www.torpress.co.uk/Festival.html

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