This is Adult DVD’s second release – the first was ‘Broken English’. I loved ‘Broken English’, I love this even more.

‘Why so?’ is a question you might be asking me, my answer is just because I do. That’s not useful really, or for that matter what a reviewer is supposed to say; bear with me.

This, in contrast to ‘Broken English’, is devoid of warp, in fact it’s more electro-pop or electronica based than their debut release. It’s built around a brilliant vocal; a voice that does the whole ‘old style’ electronica thing. A voice that although seems devoid of emotion is in fact brimming over with a kind of held back emotion.

And under that voice are straight synths – bass pads, twinkling runs of high pitched synth. But there’s a groove people, this is dance music without a doubt. There is the thrill of the sudden and short appearance of a guitar, a guitar that is plucked in a choppy way. And yet somehow they manage to work in something of a rave feel – it’s a hint, a reminder that this music to be danced to.

It has that sweeping sound of a band like OMD, the post-guitar sound of New Order. And in the breakdown the sound of post-punk electronica.

But as much as I can sit here over-analysing the sound and feel of this track. It’s the whole that’s important. And the whole is a piece of electronica pop or electro-pop that is just so bloody good. I mean this thing has radio play written all over it. The great vocal, the great tune, the fab words. The carefully arranged music that still sounds organic even though there are loads of synths.

I just can’t get this song out of my head, it’s so damn earwormy. I am loving this so so much. Get some Adult DVD in your life right now people, this is a thing of wonder and joy.

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