SINGLE REVIEW: jellyskin – ‘Eater’

'Listen to this loud and just spin, it’s that sort of track. But do take some time out to be bewitched by that voice'


In contrast to the band’s previous single ‘Milk Of Magnesia’ (you can read my review of that song) ‘Eater’ sets out it’s stall – so to speak – right from the get go. Fast squelches (you’ll know what I mean when you listen to it) introduce the track. And then you’re right into fast dirty dirty synth noise. But, wait, what is this, it’s an angelic voice, pure and clear. The contrast is quite quite wonderful. The angelic voice tells us that ‘nine times out of ten I will wear shoes, but this time I’m not’ and for some strange reason I find this quite profound.

Every time I hear this, and I’ve listened to it a lot, I get yet another way of interpreting it, it’s one of those songs. Yet there are some common threads – it seems to me to be like one of those dreams, or perhaps nightmares, where you are chased by a faceless horde.

The thing with jellyskin is that they are slippery, just when you get an idea of the sort of band they are they come up with something so completely different you’re thrown – although there’s a certain gothic splendour that runs through their material that holds it all together as ‘theirs’. That’s gothic as in dark rather than goth which as we all know is something rather different.

The band describe this as krautrock on Soundcloud but I’m reminded of early synth bands like The Normal, it’s synth driven but dirty. The vocals are nothing less than lovely and the layers of sound that creep in are just the icing on the cake.

By this time I think you’ll have got the impression that I like this, and you’re right, I like it a lot, a whole lot. Listen to this loud and just spin, it’s that sort of track. But do take some time out to be bewitched by that voice.

Can’t wait to hear what jellyskin will give us next.

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