SINGLE REVIEW: Keep Back Ivy – ‘Wasting Time’


Keep Back Ivy’s new release is a barbed ode to landlords and the frustrations of renting; it explores something I think we’ve all experienced – I certainly have although this is, ahem, ‘some time ago’, just goes to show that things don’t change.

Entirely rightly – this is a protest song after all – the duo have chosen to take this musically to something angry and spitting rage. They are calling this electro-punk; so it isn’t a three chord trash. There’s a spiky guitar but it’s contrasted with something I’m going to call ‘a beautifully melodic with a hint of sadness thread’ that runs under it. It sonically shows both the rage and anger, but also where the frustration of renting can take you mentally. Emma’s vocal is just a joy; it’s like thoughts put into song, yet at the same time evoking punk vocals of old.

But I’m perhaps being too analytic here; something I can be rightly accused of in most of my reviews. Simply put, this is both something that explores an important social issue and something you can love as a song; it’s a double whammy. And, should you be that way inclined, this is something you can bop to.

I can’t not mention the video for this song which adds a visual extra punch. Although should you find rodents – even in animated form – disturbing, this is something to approach with caution.

This, people, is a joy. A song with a message that delivers both lyrically and musically.

The info

Keep Back Ivy are a lo-fi independent rock/electronic duo using a combination of field recorded sounds and home recorded instruments to build a backdrop for outsider anthems about social media, anxiety in social situations, politics and the media.

The music absorbs and references elements of many other styles and genres to create something singular and unique.

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