SINGLE REVIEW: Su I Think – ‘yeah cool’


Su I Think make what I like to call intelligent pop music; you know, really well put together poppy music that has great words.

So ‘yeah, cool’ comes with sorts of wonderful 80s’/80s’ pop sounds – the frankly Whitney Houston-esque joy of the choruses, the melodic slightly bittersweet sound of the guitar and the sparse voice and guitar start. It’s so full of sounds that make you smile it hurts. Oh, the sounds of my younger days!

But take a moment – actually way more than a moment – to dive down into the sound and we discover a track that is delightfully complex; Sounds surprise, sounds charm. There is layer upon layer of sound that make that fantastic sound. But there’s more, musically it tells the story of the track.

This is probably a good time to tell you what the track is about; Su explains “‘Yeah, cool’ is a song about the end. It’s about welcoming the break, letting go of the memories and still seeing the light. This is for the divas who love a happy ending to a sad situation. We wanted to convey that feeling of seeing the past for all it is: the past. To be able to look back for one more time and reminisce before moving forward to better things”.

I have to admit that at first sight I kinda misinterpreted the song because I saw ‘yeah, cool’ as a sarcastic statement. And perhaps that’s part of it, another layer to the song. I’ll leave that up to you to decide for yourself.

There is only one word to describe this song, joyous.

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