SINGLE REVIEW: The Seamonsters – ‘Lost (And Found)’

'This is fabulous stuff. It could be the start of something big'


Boy have The Seamonsters shifted up a gear. This is obviously them, it retains the band’s feel and spirit, but it’s all shiny and, dare I say it, more glittery than ever. It’s summery and it’s incredibly catchy. It brings a huge smile to my face every time I hear it.

The Seamonsters have taken their influences – 80s pop and indie – and made something quite quite wonderful, something that is very much their own. From it’s keyboard intro to it’s keyboard and powerchord end (how 80s is that!) this is a slice of perfect poppy indie.

On a closer listen you’re going to hear quite how much care the band have taken recording this. There’s lots going on. The lovely touch of the sound of fingers moving on guitar strings, the layers of vocals, the way it builds and falls. The bursts of guitar. The balance between the poppy keyboards, vocals and rocky guitar. That cymbal sound, something I seem to have developed a particular fondness for.

So it’s pretty obvious that I’m completely charmed by this. In fact I’m charmed in a way I haven’t been for years. It’s reminded me that music can be both fun and clever.

If you like indie with a pop edge, pop with an indie edge, or even have particularly fond memories of that clever perfect pop from the 80s, like me, then this is for you.

In our recent interview (you can read that here) the band were clearly excited about this release saying that it was so much better than their demos. Well I can only agree with the band, this is fabulous stuff. It could be the start of something big.

The single is available on the 14th April and the band have been shooting a video for the track.


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