TOR BOOKINGS PRESENTS: Blood Stereo, Infinite Gaah, Neil Campbell & Woutth

30th May 7pm-11pm Fundevogel 1 Salford Way, Todmorden

Tor Bookings: Blood Stereo Poster

Blood Stereo – Brighton

Great artists and people Dylan Nyoukis and Karen Constance will be bringing their noisy objects to the valley for the first time ever.

The Infinite Gaah – Brighton

Tom of free-everything outfit Bolide is also joining us from down Brighton way to do whatever he likes really.

Infinite Gaah on the Free Music Archive:

Neil Campbell – Mirfield

Neil of Astral Social Club and Vibracathedral Orchestra. Not sure what to expect yet apart from this will be a bit different to the Neil you already know perhaps.

Woutth – Todmorden

New project by Rosanne Robertson, a vehicle for brand new monster like music. Can’t wait.

Woutth on Tumblr:

Rosanne Robertson:

Tickets on the door £5. As ever, all money goes to the performing artists.

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