VIDEO NEWS: LUKA drops lyric video for ‘Play Thing’


Luka has shared a video for her debut release on Monomyth Records ‘Play Thing’. Our writer Frank in his review said:

‘… this song resonates with me on a very personal and deep level. It connects at a level that many other songs that explore the theme of manipulation and control don’t. Listening to it is a very emotional experience for me, I’m not afraid to say that at times I am moved to tears. Part of this is the words, and part of it is the way words are sung and the way the music works. But you don’t need that personal connection to appreciate the song at all. You can appreciate its emotional beauty and the experiences it explores because it communicates those on a level that we can all understand.

‘This song is an incredibly impressive debut release. It has an emotional beauty that very few songs have. It’s words, voice and music in perfect harmony – musical and emotional harmony’.

The video was filmed and directed by the Declan Creffield on location at Almscliffe Crag on a sunny day in June 2020.

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