SINGLE NEWS: Hebden Red Sox release ‘Freedom’/’Days Of Hope’


Hebden Red Sox are Trish Clemit and Jessika Martin who hail from Hebden Bridge.

Trish Clemit was born and raised in the town of Hebden Bridge and lived there for many years before she departed in order to travel around the world experiencing many different and varied adventures which included working for a good few years on a kibbutz and subsequently touring Europe and Scandinavia with her very own Percussion Orchestra.

Upon her recent return to Hebden Bridge, Trish teamed up with the recently qualified BRIT school graduate and celebrated performer Jessika Martin in order to form the songwriting and performing outfit Hebden Red Sox.

Following a couple of months of intensive rehearsals, Hebden Red Sox entered the widely celebrated Fairview recording studios in Hull recently for a weekend’s recording.

Now, the duo release ‘Days Of Hope’ and ‘Freedom’, their latest soulful offerings that come ahead of their debut album, coming autumn of 2021.

Written by Heath Common for Hebden Red Sox, the musician, writer and spoken word artist says of the tracks “The track ‘Freedom’ was written as a reaction to the increasing number of restrictions currently placed upon our lives. It is NOT intended as a statement of protest more as a yearning for those days of ‘Freedom’ which existed not so long ago.

“The track ‘Days Of Hope’ details a yearning for a future of greater equality in society instead of the increasing tolerance of an ever-widening rift between the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ in our world.”

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