SINGLE REVIEW: The 48Ks – ‘Heartbeat’


Sometimes all I need is a great song played brilliantly. ‘Heartbeat’ fits that need exactly. It’s kind of poppy and features some completely wonderful rock guitar. It reminds me of the 80s in some ways. I think it’s that combination of pop and rock, a hit of electro and strangely enough the production. Oh and the background chants.

And before you get the idea it has an over polished glossy sound it doesn’t; the 80s’sound I’m comparing it to is kinda Timbuk 3. So it’s not glossy, it comes with attitude. Look, if you didn’t live through the 80s’ rock with pop attitude thing then you’re not going to get the sheer wonderfulness of a rock band seasoning their sound with pop in the particular way they did then. The one thing you need to get is that this isn’t pop-rock.

The 48Ks are a band who know how to play. I’ve already mentioned the guitar which is outrageously good. But the other standout is the bass playing.

‘Heartbeat’ is a great song; it’s earwormy as hell and, should you feel so inclined, you can definitely throw a few shapes to it. But crucially there’s more than enough going on in it to reward a good sit down listen.

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