FESTIVAL NEWS: Pizzafest – York Fulford Arms – Saturday 21 March 2020

Thee Girl Fridays / Snakerattlers / The Strays / The Sleazoids / Segregates / Surf Muscle / Hellfire Jack / The Bikini Bottoms / What’s Wrong With Homer? / Percy / Gillman


PIZZAFEST returns to YORK FULFORD ARMS for the first time this year, and indeed this decade, on SATURDAY 21 MARCH. The all-day event, curated by the dangerous rock n roll duo SNAKERATTLERS, features a wealth of tip-top, dance-til-you-drop, underground garage rock bands from throughout the UK. Half way through the event, a truckload of pizza arrives and you can eat as much as you like. At only TEN POUNDS per ticket, the event is an absolute bargain. This is the third PIZZAFEST and will also host the single launch from York’s own motorpunk rockers SEGREGATES. For one night only, you can get their brand new Preach to Me 12” vinyl single for just SIX POUNDS.

TICKETS @ £10: https://thefulfordarms.bigcartel.com/product/pizzafest-3

A ticket gets you in all day and gets you free pizza. Band times to be announced. PLEASE BUY TICKETS IF YOU ARE COMING. It saves you £5 and it saves the venue and promotional team from worrying about the event breaking even.

Thee Girl Fridays


Four Scottish gals from the garage, with fire in their eyes and venomous stings in the devilish tails. Scorching hot, wild garage rock from the depths of your granny’s doily-covered basement. You’ll find yourself dancing alright. These ladies are making a name for themselves throughout the UK and Europe.



Cacophonous two-piece trash rock n roll, performed by an enraged married couple from York, forever hell bent on ruining your evening and your ears. Blasting guitars, hammering drums and howled vocals. Dark, mongrel outsider rock that has no limits and desecrates many genres.

The Strays


Mesmerising sonic succulence from four vagabonds who come from Cheltenham, one of the poshest cities in England. What happened? They should have gone on to be politicians or scientists but instead they made a band. And a bloody good one at that. Western Star Records certainly think so. After dropping out of the first PIZZAFEST due to injury, it’s great to finally have them play.

The Sleazoids


Does what it says on the tin. Sleazy rock n roll played by some beautiful outsiders from Sheffield. Flavours of such greats as The Cramps and Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs are taken on board and bent to their will, in order to inflict their own dangerous garage musical cocktail onto the world.



Here they are. The big, hard lads from York are releasing a 12” vinyl single and PIZZAFEST will be the launch for it. Cheetah-fast, motorpunk rock n roll with a massive bass sound and a guitar that could fill a stadium on its own. Proper rock n roll that’s as real as it gets. Mate.

Surf Muscle


Wonky, wonderful, mysterious surf instrumentals played by three fandabbydozy people from Sheffield. Best mates with Sleazoids, this lot. True story. When watching, do the dance when you move sideways, make peace signs over your eyes and kick your legs out to make yourself think you’re in the 60s.

Hellfire Jack


Harrogate’s finest. Heavy garage blues that snaps and snarls like an angry Doberman. Mess with this band at your own peril. Dirty big riffs and womping huge breakdowns topped off with a vocal that cuts like a serrated knife.

The Bikini Bottoms


Another Scottish band gracing PIZZAFEST. Whizzing down from Glasgow without a care in the world. This is a real enigma of a band. A killer look combined with a stripped back psychobilly-esque sound. Jingle-jangle, wingle-wangle. Let’s ‘ave it.

What’s Wrong With Homer?


The band with the scariest profile picture on all of Facebook. Noisy, jumpy, twitchy garage noise in the style of Ty Segall is the order of the day here. Revved-up amps, hair flapping about all over the place, extreme sloprock and a razor cut vocal approach.



York legends on the comeback trail. Percy have been treading the boards of stages for many a year with their legendary post-punk garage pop. Darlings of BBC 6 Music and a real gem of the York scene. Come early to get your fix.


The man from the Black Lagoon. After having to pull out of the last PIZZAFEST due to touring with another band, we welcome York’s mysterious, one-man rockabilly band. Will he actually play this time? Only time will tell. Swampy 50s trash rock n roll in the style of Lightning Beat Man.

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